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It is important to understand that casino bonus offer are an advantage for the player. Using bonuses with a vager below the 40s when playing with a return of more than 97% makes the game a plus on the distance.
The difference between deposit bonuses and non-deposit bonuses is the mandatory deposit of real money into the account. Usually, immediately after the first bet with the bonus money, the player loses the opportunity to withdraw funds from his account until the full wagering of the vager. We will talk about this in more detail below.
The money received as a bonus cannot be withdrawn immediately. They must be wagered back first. The Gaming House obliges the player to place bets for a certain amount that is many times greater than the amount of the bonus. The player is expected to win and lose, and the total number of bets will add up to the amount needed to meet the stated conditions. This is a vager.
Casino bonuses awarded for bringing in a new player (tell a friend bonus) will only be credited to your account when that player registers his account for real money, indicates there that he has come upon your recommendation, replenishes his balance and starts playing.